Hello, my name is

Nikolaj Kring

I'm a multimedia designer

pond halongbay

Recent projects

Portfolio Development

This project was about taking our earlier portfolio and making it better, and documenting the process along the way.

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SoMe video production

This project was about creating and promoting a company. We made a landingpage, aswell as commercial videos (5, 15, and 30sec) for the company.

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Concept devolopment

This project was about the 17 sustainable development goals and how we could implement them in an app concept, and thereby help solving one or more of the problems.

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This project was about taking our Adobe XD portfolio and making it into reality. We used html and css to make it happen.

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This project was about taking pictures and editing them in Adobe Photoshop, aswell as building a portfolio prototype in Adobe XD.

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My name is Nikolaj Ditmar Kring I'm 24, and a multimedia design and communication student at CPH Lyngby. I like working out in the local gym, and spending time with my girlfriend.
I've always had an interest in design and tech. I love coding and using Adobes many program. I've worked with After Effects for many years, as well as Photoshop on a hobby basis.


💪 Working out

🎬 Editing


⚽ Watching football (especially FC Barcelona)